The origin

Following 12 years globe trotting for a multinational company and relocating to Budapest, Hungary with my wife and 3-year old daughter, I thought this was time for a change. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, embracing my passion for Digital and providing others with a great opportunity to work on what they love. No more unnecessary commuting, crappy equipment, slow internet network, abusive workers and clients… etc. The idea nurtured whilst I was based in Panama and I pulled the trigger after 2 years in London where I spent time on planes visiting countries after countries for my work.

So when I started Tukan in summer 2014, a week after relocating, I always dreamt it would pass the 3 year mark. This was a very optimistic view for a passion project… I always enjoyed Digital, website creation and helping others take full advantage of what the web has to offer nowadays. Well, 3 year down the line, here we are. 6 of us fully focused on designing and delivering cool projects for happy clients whilst working on how to grow Tukan and keeping it as enjoyable as it is today.

The journey

If you’re faint hearted, this entrepreneurship journey is not for you. It took countless hours (forget nights, weekends, holidays with no disruption), high levels of stress and strain on family plus the financial burden of not being able to pay yourself to ensure the company can grow and the team can get the income they work for… I would do it again though. This experience is so liberating, so motivating and fulfilling that there’s no doubt I would follow the same path.

I’ve met some great people along the way (students, freelancers, prospects, clients and of course Los Tukanos a.k.a. our team members!) and learnt so much! Coming from a corporate world where every role is quite clearly defined, the startup environment is at the opposite. You need to fulfill an incredible number of roles that range from forecasting financials to translating copy, to project managing, to coding! Everyone’s got a part to play and it’s very rewarding to see not only the outcome but the journey. A year ago we were still 3, so we doubled. This happened organically, our team recruiting people they enjoy working with and trust, clients referring us to their network. For me this is the proof that something is working. As a Digital Agency, not doing any Marketing is quite ironic!

And now what?

We’re about to relaunch the very first webshop we created 3 years ago as the sales have gone through the roof and some massive optimisation opportunities occurred. We’ll be glad to share it with you once it’s live in September!

So what’s next for Tukan? Well growth of course! We’re currently recruiting and are just launching our new site. It’s been quite an effort to find the time to design and deliver it with our workload even in the summer but we’ve made it!

So stay put as we’ve got some great projects lining up for the end of 2017 and we’re fully committed to do great work, watch this space!